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Achieving perfect credit is a pipe dream to most consumers with negative credit and no money, or so it seems. Consumers think that they’ll have to shell out an arm and a leg to render the services of a credit restoration company or a lawyer to dispute negative credit. And they’re right! I suppose that’s where “budget” comes into play. If you have the budget, you could employ one of the many companies online which provide, for about $2,300.00, seasoned trade-line accounts. What this means, in a nut shell, is that they attach you (as an authorized user to as many as 5 different seasoned credit line accounts. This does not mean you have free reign to charge items to these accounts. In fact, by doing this they (the company) guarantee that your credit score will increase at least 180 points in 35 days. And in most cases it will, assuming you’re dealing with a reputable company, of course.

What about the little guy with the moderate budgets? Where does s/he fit into all of this? There are many options for those consumers that are working with a moderate monthly budget. Instead of investing money, it is a good option to invest time to achieve perfect credit.

This means doing it yourself. Spend some time researching the possibility of repairing your credit yourself. All it takes is a little patience, time, and a little know how. You could invest $25-$35 on a “How To” credit repair book from your local book store. The only problem with a traditional paper back book is the fact that, the credit law changes frequently. This will allow room for non-intentional error and indirect misinformation in your credit repair process. This could result in time wasted and more importantly money wasted.

That’s why I find E-Books to better suit the “moderate budget” consumer’s needs. E-Books are much cheaper, and frequently and easily updated. There is only a hand full of reliable Credit Repair E-Books on the internet today

Good luck in you credit restoration process.

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